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On-Site Training Programs

LSI programs will motivate staff and management to care more about health and safety issues, reduce the likely hood of accidents, injuries and potential litigation, provide a strong foundation in the fundamentals of safety, and help you to develop or improve your safety program. The programs vary in length from an hour to several days and can be customized to meet your needs. More than fifty topics are available. There are two ways to go about having an on-site training program: hosting and sponsoring.  Find out more from the links below.

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On Demand Tutorials

In addition to regularly scheduled courses and on-site services for larger groups, LSI's training programs and technical expertise can be provided as tutorials for individuals. These can be specialized video recorded trainings, webinars or online courses.  Discuss the details with a representative.

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LSI’s audits and inspections are the best way to identify unsafe conditions and unsafe practices. This “outside view” offers numerous benefits: it provides a fresh look at areas and problems that may be taken for granted or overlooked by habit, presents a knowledgeable opinion which is independent from your own organization's biases, and catalyzes improvements more effectively than "in-house" voices. LSI can train your staff to conduct these audits and inspections. Some of the areas our inspections cover are: biological and animal hazards, chemical disposal, chemical handling and storage, electrical hazards, emergency procedures and preparedness, housekeeping, radiation safety, safety equipment, safety program and ventilation. In addition, inspections can include noise, hearing and respiratory testing and indoor air quality investigation and testing.

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Safety Program Development Consultation & Review

This Consultation is less formal than the inspection. It involves discussions about the safety program, review of written program materials and a facilities tour. Current practices are reviewed and written recommendations provided. The Review is a 60-90 minute teleconference, which reviews 35 key elements in an effective safety program. The elements are rated and receive a numerical score.

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Regulatory Compliance

LSI can provide a thorough review of your Chemical Hygiene Plan. Under the OSHA Lab Standard, CHP review is required at least annually. This outside view provides a fresh perspective on ways to improve the Plan and help to insure compliance with these regulations. A written report is provided. Laboratory employers who do not have Chemical Hygiene Plans may wish assistance in the development of such a plan. LSI can prepare a CHP for your laboratories or assist you in the development process. In addition to CHPs, review and development of other safety materials can be provided: for example, safety manuals and other OSHA written compliance programs.

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Designing, Remodeling and Building Safer Labs

LSI works with architectural firms that specialize in science laboratories. These partnerships bring the lab safety expertise of LSI to the design, renovation and construction of school, college, university, science and medical laboratories.

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