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The Laboratory Safety Institute provides mini-grants in support of projects that improve the health and safety of students and teachers in science labs.  Here are a few examples of they types of projects we have supported in the past.

1.  A university EHS director went to China on an exchange program.  She visited universities and wrote a summary comparing their lab safety practices for an article in Speaking of Safety.  LSI helped to support the visit.

2.  A high school teacher purchased twenty different types of chemical splash goggles and had her students evaluate each pair during the year.  LSI paid for half the cost of the goggles.  The results were published in Speaking of Safety.

3.  A graduate student wanted to study lab accidents and injuries in New York City area colleges and universities.  LSI provided some funding for travel expenses, postage, and photocopying.  The results were summarized in Speaking of Safety.

The projects should be of such a nature as to provide an interesting research result, a model for other schools or develop information that can be shared and be of benefit to others.  LSI does not provide support for salaries or simple for the purchase of equipment (in the absence of a mini research project).

Requests for support should:

1. Identify the principal investigator.

2. Describe the proposed project.

3. Explain how others can benefit from the project.

4. Provide an itemized budget. 

5.  Indicate the portions of the budge that will be funded by other sources and the portion requested from LSI.

Mini-Grant requests are reviewed as they are received and reply is normally provided within one month.  Email submissions are encouraged and appreciated.

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