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In memory of those who have lost their lives in laboratory accidents.

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Dwight Freeman

2014, San Antonio, TX, 50 year old technician died at Southwest Research Institute as the result of a lab accident.

Hassan Kamal Hussein

2014, Doha, Qatar, lab worker dies from explosion in petroleum lab at TAMU-Qatar.
Unknown (6)

2013, Middleburg, Eastern Cape, South Africa, six people died in an explosion at the Rolfe Pharmaceutical Laboratory.

Carlos Amaral

2013, North Andover, MA, 51 year old died from burns following a trimethyliridium explosion in a Dow Lab (formerly Rohm and Hass).

Richard Din

2012, San Francisco, 25 year-old VA Hospital lab worker dies from exposure to bacterial strain causing septicemia and meningitis.


2012, Shanghai, Graduate student at university opens gas cylinder and dies from inhalation of the gas.


2012, Germany, Experienced lab worker died from accidental exposure to trimethylsilyl diazomethane.

Adrian Martin
2011, Menlo Park, CA, Researcher died in lab methane explosion.

Dr. Nanaj Bhamare
2011, Killed at Aberdeen Proving Ground from an explosion


2011, A Salmonella Typhimurium outbreak linked to lab exposure that has so far sickened 109 people in 38 states (and caused one death).

Michelle Dufault   
2011, Yale University, Chemistry Department lathe


2011, Mysore, India, Alcohol fire

Rajendra Yadav

2010, New Delhi, Scrapyard worker, 35, died disassembling a 3,500kg University of Delhi research irradiator containing cobalt-60.

Tyson Larson

2010, Sumi Valley, CA, 28-year old inventor died in explosion at Realm Industries, an alternative fuel research company.

Malcolm Casadaben

2009, Chicago, IL, A researcher at the University of Chicago Medical Center died from exposure to Yersenia Pestis, a plague related bacterium.
Sheri Sangji  
2009, UCLA, T-butyllithium fire

Alfredo F. Gutierrez

2009, Adelphi, MD, Electrocution in lab at ARL (Army Research Laboratory)

Richard Folaron

2009, Tonawanda, NY killed in explosion at DuPont facility.

Jason Siddell
2008, 24-year-old chemist based in New Jersey, died after being exposed to

Roland Daigle

2008, Windsor, Nova Scotia, Sepracor Pharmaceutical, Poisoning,
trimethylsilydiazomethane.  Daigle is the second chemist to die in a
12-month period after exposure to the chemical

Parish Ashley

2007, Explosion at T2 Laboratories in Jacksonville, Florida

Charles Bolchoz

2007, Explosion at T2 Laboratories in Jacksonville, Florida

Robert Gallagher

2007, Explosion at T2 Laboratories in Jacksonville, Florida

Karey Henry

2007, Explosion at T2 Laboratories in Jacksonville, Florida

 Dominique Burget  
2006, France, National Inst. of Higher Learning in Chemistry, Ethane explosion
Tarun K. Mal
2005, Cleveland State University, Electrocution

Kenton Joel Carnegie

2005, University of Waterloo, geological engineering student, wolf attack during field work in Athabasca basin (northern Saskatchewan)
Antonina Presnyakova                                                            
2004, Russia, Vektor Res. Ctr., Ebola infection
2004, St. Paul, Minnesota, Vet Tech Hospital, an employee was trapped inside steam washer used to clean animal cages while the washer was in the final rinse cycle. The employee could not open the door from the inside, could not stop the washer, and was fatally burned.

2003, Rochester, NY, Industrial lab explosion
Scott Spjut
2003, West Valley City, UT, Forensic scientist, rifle discharge

Robert Goldhammer

2003, University of Texas, Geology Department, Assistant Professor was killed when his vehicle rolled over on the way to the field camp.

Raquel Vieira de Savariego

2003, University of Texas, Geology Department, Visiting Scholar was killed when his vehicle rolled over on the way to the field camp.
Michal Wilgocki
2001, Warclaw, Poland, Univ. of Warclaw Chemistry Professor killed in explosion

Unknown (8)

2001-1985, Journal of Clinical Microbiology report (2005) eight fatal lab infections from meningitis bacteria. Six were in USA
Set Van Nguyen   
2001, Australia Animal Health Laboratory, Nitrogen suffocation
2000, New York City, Columbia Medical Center, Nitrogen suffocation
1999, Scotland, Nitrogen suffocation
1999, Edmonton, Canada, Agat Laboratories, toluene inhalation death
Julian Szeicz  

1998, Queen University (Canada), Geology Professor killed in avalanche
1997, Franklin County, GA, HS senior electrocuted in science class putting up wires.
Elizabeth Griffin
1997, Atlanta, Yerkes Primate Center, Rhesus monkey, Herpes B virus infection


1997, Atlanta, High School senior electrocuted in science class putting up wires.
Karen Wetterhahn
1997, Dartmouth College, Dimethylmercury poisoning
Ray Rudelis 
1996, Florida Petroleum Research Lab, Acetylene explosion
Michael Hanly
1996, New York City, Discarded hydrofluoric acid kills sanitation worker

Charl Broquet

1996, University of Texas, Geological Sciences, graduate student was killed when the UT jeep he was driving hit a tree at high speed. Charl was familiarizing himself with the jeep that he was going to be driving to/in his field area.
1995, Hong Kong, Graduate Student, exposure to unreported spill by Ph.D.
1994, Collegeville, PA, Sterling Winthrop Pharmaceutical, Electrocution
1994, Australia, Palynolab Resources, Hydrofluoric acid exposure
Dennis Park
1993, Elkton, MD, Thiokol, Rotary evaporator flask explosion
1993, Pasadena, TX, High school student drowns on biology field trip

Jeanne Messier

1993, San Diego, UCSD biology grad student, hanta virus exposure in field work
1992, Stanford Research Institute, CA, Hydrogen/oxygen explosion

Andrew Riley

1992, Stanford Research Institute, CA, Hydrogen/ oxygen explosion

Unknown (2)

1992, Hong Kong, University instructor and grad student suffocated in cold room when liquid nitrogen spilled
Ralph "Corky" Soldato
1992, Pittsfield, MA, GE Plastics Research Center, Centrifuge explosion
1992, Pennsylvania, Merck research lab pressure vessel explosion
1992, Edwardsville, IL, SIU, hydrogen explosion drying solvent
Dr. Theo Annin
1991, Western Ontario University, Ether fire in fume hood
1991, Checotah, OK, Cyanide poisoning

Unknown (2)

1991, Osaka University, silane cylinder contaminated with nitrous oxide exploded,
2 graduate students killed
1990, New Jersey physics student electrocuted
1990, Okinawa, Japan, High school student drowns during oceanography class


1989, New Jersey, High school student electrocuted working on TV set in physics class.
Unknown (2)
1989, Michigan, Two analysts die from exposure to Herpes B virus in lab
Name Withheld by Request
1988, Tacoma, WA, Pierce College, A&P lab drinking saline mistakenly containing
 sodium azide
Unknown (4)  
1988, McMasterville, Quebec, CIL Explosives & Tech Center, lab explosion kills four
1988, California high school custodian goes into coma and dies following inhalation
 of old chemicals discarded in dumpster by new high school teacher
1988, Berkley Heights NJ Silane explosion

Steven Carveillas

1988, Berkley Heights NJ Silane explosion

Lou Molinini

1988, Berkley Heights NJ Silane explosion
1986, Friendship Moscow State University Chemistry and Chemical Engineering
 building fire kills Ph.D. student from India
1985, Bedford, MA, Lincoln Lab worker dies from exposure to undetected arsine leak


1984, Minneapolis, 19 year-old FDA dies opening an autoclave which explodes on opening

Helena Zinger

1984, Antwerp, Belgium, died in unidentified lab accident
1983, San Antonio, TX, Lee High School student electrocuted in science lab
1983, San Francisco, CA, UCSF Medical Center, Maintenance worker dies from
 exposure to Q-Fever from sheep used in lab experiments.


1982, Colorado School of Mines, Engineering graduate student dies from exposure to hydrogen sulfide
1982, Michigan, Lab technician dies from burns sustained trapped in cage cleaning
Unknown (2) 
1981, Corning, NY, Corning Sullivan Research Facility HF tank leaked.  Two killed in
 clean up


1981, San Antonio, High School Student electrocuted in science lab.
1981, Kazakstan, Russia, National Academy of Science refrigerator ether explosion
and fire
1980, Boston, MA, University of Massachusetts female student dies drinking water
from a lab faucet in a “clean” beaker
Sunny Su

1979, Dartmouth, MA, University of Massachusetts, grad student in solvent explosion
 and fire

Unknown (64)

1979, Sverdlovsh, Russia, Weapons Lab, 64 died from exposure to Anthrax when someone forgot to install filter on exhaust
1979, Arizona State University organic extraction solvent fire kills graduate student in
geochemist’s  laboratory
1979, Washington State, High school student died when the nitroglycerine he had
synthesized blew up in his pocket on the way to the football field
1978, College Park, MD, Baptist Community School, Custodian dies in closet making
 carbon dioxide “smoke” from dry ice for a Halloween party
Janet Parker
1978, Medical School at Birmingham University (Britain), 40-year-old medical
photographer from laboratory exposure to smallpox.
1977, Lab worker dies from exposure to herpes-B virus from Rhesus monkey
1976, Texas high school student dies of injuries sustained in alcohol fire.  He was
trying to refill the lamp while it was still lit
1976, Arizona State University graduate student trapped in lab fire
1976, Enschede, Netherlands, Technische Hogeschool Twente, Organic chemist
died of edema from methylfluorosulfate exposure.
1975, Westbrook, Maine, High school student electrocuted with 800-volt transformer
Unknown (14)
1974, Brisbane, Australia, Thirteen children and the teacher were killed in the
explosion when the teacher tried to demonstrate how to make a rocket engine
1974, Stanford University, Grad student killed from broken lid flying off vacuum
Shri Krishna Singh
1972, Cambridge, MA, MIT grad student electrocuted working on live circuits
Unknown (2)
1972, New Haven, CT, Olin-Matheson, Solid propellant explosion kills two lab

Unknown (3)

1971, Soviet Research Vessel, three lab technicians died from bio exposure
1971, University of Washington, Bagley Hall, Explosion and fire while pouring waste
solvent kills P-Chem undergraduate.
1969, University of Washington, Sodium explosion in physical chemistry lab kills
Ray Kemp 
1968-9, Columbus, OH, Ohio State University, Potassium cyanide poisoning


(Year unknown; before 1968) Biochemist was killed when his suction filter flask imploded.
1967, P-Chem undergrad died of burns sustained in an explosion and fire
possibly caused by making cleaning solution with nitric instead of sulfuric acid

Unknown (7)

1967, Marburg, Germany, Seven patients died from lab worker exposure to virus from infected Grivet monkeys from Uganda
1966, Port Evan, NY, Hercules Powder Company, chemist killed in explosion
1966, Selden, NY, Suffolk Community College, Lab instructor died from injuries
sustained when he dropped a jar of sodium.  There was a fire and explosion.
1966, Princeton, NJ, Princeton University grad student killed when struck by
unchained gas cylinder that falls, shears off valve and goes through cinderblock wall.
1966, Providence, RI, Brown University biology grad student electrocuted doing

John Gallant

1966, Westbrook, Maine, High school student electrocuted learning to use oscilloscope
in Physics class


1965, Wroclaw, Poland, Explosion kills chemistry department student at University of Poland.
1964, Western Australia, Palynolab Resources PTY ltd, lab technician dies from 70%
HF exposure (here of 1994?)
1963, Alabama, Morton Thiokol, solid propellant explosion

Leo Guerin

1959, Los Alamos National Lab, explosion killed 35 year old lab worker while drilling small holes into plastic explosive with a soldered hypodermic needle with a cutting tip.

Ray Means

1959, Los Alamos National Lab, explosion killed 31 year old lab worker who was standing next to Leo Guerin.

Jose C. Cordova

1959, Los Alamos National Lab, four workers died while preparing to burn 300 pounds of scraps and sawdust like explosive residue

Sevedeo Lujan

1959, Los Alamos National Lab, four workers died while preparing to burn 300 pounds of scraps and sawdust like explosive residue

Escolastico Martinez

1959, Los Alamos National Lab, four workers died while preparing to burn 300 pounds of scraps and sawdust like explosive residue

Leopoldo F. Pcheco

1959, Los Alamos National Lab, four workers died while preparing to burn 300 pounds of scraps and sawdust like explosive residue

Cecil Kelley

1958, Los Alamos National Laboratory, died as the result of a lab accident
Harlow Mork
1958, Michigan State University, Grad student killed when distilling thiophene
detonated in chemistry lab
Dr. M.S.
1957, National Viral laboratory, National Health and Welfare Canada, a 31 year-old
male laboratory worker (Dr. M.S.) died from Herpes B infection.  He was engaged in
the production of polio vaccine with Rhesus monkeys.  This case is reported in the
Can. Med. Assoc. J. Vol. 79, Nov 1958.

Candalario Esquibel

1956, Los Alamos National Lab, 29 year old died instantly when 50 pounds of explosive detonated while he was scraping dried powder from oven trays to store in glass bottles.
1956, A research chemist’s unauthorized experiment exploded killing a colleague
Unknown (2) 
1955, Bayside, NY, Sylvania Electric Lab, Explosion killed two when a hot crucible
fell into a barrel of thorium dust powder.
1954, Indian Harbor, Indiana, New employee killed trying to cut the top off a 55-gallon
 drum.  It exploded
1953, Chicago, Morton Salt, Chemist killed in explosion opening bottle containing
Louis P. Slotin
1946, University of Chicago Physics professor dies as result of an accident involving
and radioactive materials

Harry K. Daghlian, Jr.

1954, Los Alamos, NM, Physicist dies after accidental radiation exposure

Unknown (2)

1950's, Pittsburg, National Energy Technology, Laboratory hydrogen explosion kills two researchers.

Peter Bragg

1944, Philadelphia, PA, Naval Research Lab explosion releases radioactive, acidic, scalding steam and gas killing two Manhattan Project chemists.

Douglas Paul Meigs

1944, Philadelphia, PA, Naval Research Lab explosion releases radioactive, acidic, scalding steam and gas killing two Manhattan Project chemists.

Sam Ruben

1943, died due to a lab experiment at Univ. Cal/Berkeley.  Pioneer in the techniques leading up to the discovery of the first known "dark reaction" of photosynthesis, now known as the Calvin Cycle.
1940, Illinois, Graduate student killed in explosion of chemicals stored in a
household refrigerator.
Marie Curie
1934, Skłodowska eastern France, from aplastic anemia contracted from
exposure to radiation.
1929, Hungary, Science teacher killed in demonstration involving potassium metal
When? A chemistry teacher dropped a piece of sodium in a fish tank.  The explosion
killed one student
Unknown (168)
1930-1978, 168 deaths from laboratory acquired infections (C.H. Collins, Laboratory
Acquired Infections, Buttersworth, 1988)

Unknown (12)

1904-1935, twelve deaths of radiological pioneers resulted from their work with x-rays. Dally below was the first.

Clarence M. Dally

1904, New Jersey, blower at Thomas Edison's Menlo Park lab, is the first person known to have been killed by x-ray exposure.  Severely burned in 1896, he still works with x-rays until 1898.  His death in 1904 causes Edison to discontinue radiation work in his lab.


(Year unknown; before 1968) Biochemist was killed when his suction filter flask imploded.

LSI would like to remember those who are no longer with us.  Lab accidents are regrettably too frequent.  It is sad when we read reports of fatal accidents that could have been avoided or prevented.  Please help us to continue in our goal of making health, safety and the environment an integral and important part of education, work and life.

If you have information concerning any of these or other lab fatalities and accidents, please share it with us.Call 1-800-647-1977 or Email.

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