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Laboratory Safety Guidelines

40 Suggestions for a Safer Lab

A Little History‚Ķ 

"Laboratory Safety Guidelines" were written while Dr. James Kaufman worked for the Dow Chemical Company in an attempt to share with schools, colleges, and universities what he was learning about lab safety.  In 1976, Dow sent copies to 2,000 colleges and university chemistry departments and received requests for 250,000 reprints!

In 1986, Dr. Kaufman assisted Dow with a revision of the guidelines.  Dow sent this version to 10,000 high schools.  Since then, over two million copies have been distributed and reprinted in various forms. 

Last year, we revised the guidelines for Fisher Safety to make a new, four-color "Laboratory Safety Guidelines" poster. Twenty thousand copies are being distributed. Other versions have been produced with the help of Carolina Biological Supply and Fisher Science Education.

The Laboratory Safety Institute offers these suggestions for improving laboratory safety because we believe that having an understanding of inherent hazards and learning how to be safer and healthier should be an integral and important part of science education, work, and life. 

An expanded version of the "Laboratory Safety Guidelines" with a 200-500 word discussion of each of the guidelines is available from LSI for $8.95. The LSI/Fisher Safety Guidelines Poster is available for a $8.00 plus shipping and handling fee. The Carolina Biological version is also available in a full-color, 2'x3' poster for $12.50. Visit our webstore.

All requests should be prepaid and include shipping and handling ($8.00 minimum).

Currently we have our 40 Guidelines translated into multiple languages including English and over three million copies have been distributed. You can request a copy by using the link below.
If you would like to assist us in translating into more languages please send us an email.

Languages Available (PDF format):


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