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Accident Reporting

Accidents in the Laboratory are all too common and there has always been a serious issue of under reporting. Perhaps the fear of punishment could be one of the leading causes. However, here at the Laboratory Safety Institute (LSI), we believe accidents are lessons we can learn from. To help us further with our mission of "Making Health, Safety and the Environment an Integral and Important Part of Education, Work, and Life", we have created a simple accident reporting form. The information gathered will be published as anonymous but we ask that you do fill out the form completely to validate the information authenticity.

Over the years LSI has collected information about accidents and has published the "Learning By Accident" volumes 1-3. Along with these volumes, we also have the "100 Years of Progress" which compiles the most serious accidents from each year. We are currently working on placing this information here on our Resources Library. The accidents you report will be used as lessons and placed in our next volume of "Learning By Accident".

Injuries are not the only form of lab accidents that occur, sadly there are those who have lost their lives. As a remembrance to those dearly departed, LSI has created the "Memorial Wall".

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